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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ough prince george's county and down toward calvert county a lot less lightning right now and gone is the flash flood warning that was out for the district, still hanging on to that flash flood warning, way over here in areas of shenandoah down to the south areas like greene county in virginia. this one for shenandoah frederick county virginia continues for just a while longer. look at the dots here, one dot in d.c., another dot in loudoun county. this is where we have had some storm reports already today. 58-mile-an-hour wind gusts in the cherry dale area, some trees down. and then up to the north and the middleburgh area, thunderstorms and also some trees down throughout this area. what's left? making its way into areas of calvert county right now, still moving east southeast, still producing some pretty good rain, eventually, all you this is going to head toward areas like buena vista and parker's creek. moderate rain having an impact on area roads, still may have a severe thunderstorm warning or two issued. we are going to keep an eye on that. temperatures down. but they are going up. way up. wait till you see my seven-day
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forecast. breaking news just in to news4 about a deadly stabbing at a maryland church. >> we just obtained gives the first glimpse into a possible motive for this attack. that suspect reportedly told detectives that he wanted to attack a dore reian in retaliation for the way all the koreans had treated him. he also said he thought about doing something like this for eight years this is according to those court documents. news4's megan fitzgerald is live near the anna prayer mountain church here in frederick, maryland. megan? >> reporter: we are also learning in those court documents that the alleged suspect here, sung sue kim, stabbed the man 11 times in his upper body, including his forearms. we understand he stabbed the woman four times. now we had an opportunity to speak with the frederick county -- frederick county sheriff until he believes this attack was planned. for hours investigators searched the area around anna
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prayer mountain church looking for the murder weapon but also clues to help them understand why two missionaries from south korea were stabbed. >> deputies went in renders first aid as best they could to the female victim. >> reporter: frederick county sheriff chuck jenkins says his deputies were able to save the woman's life but her husband died from the stab wounds. when the sheriff arrived on scene, he was told the group was praying inside a room when kim came out of the kitchen with a knife and started his attack. it is a scenario he thinks was planned. >> in my mind looking at that crime scene and how it occurred, i would think there was premeditation premeditation. >> reporter: the sheriff believes the call kim made minutes after the crime is another element that will be critical in their investigation. >> he actually made a 911 call subsequent to the initial call saying that he was on the road, waiting to be arrested. >> reporter: kim is facing a long list of charges, including first and second-degree murder. coming up at 6:00, we talk with
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deputies a little bit about why they are saying the woman was attacked in this matter is consider adhere role back to you wendy. >> all right meagan fitzgerald. we have an unusual end to a missing person's case in prince george's county county. a vietnam veteran missing for nearly a week was found today. someone spotted him. he was trapped by a fallen tree earlier along ard wick ardmore road in spring dale, a block from where the man lives. intoes four's pat collins is at the scene now. pat? >> reporter: take a look at those woods back there. could you survive in those woodsing wedged beneath a fallen tree for a weak? seven full days. here now the story of larry sade. larvae a 66-year-old vietnam veteran. he went missing suddenly a week ago. it appears all of that time, he may have been trapped beneath
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that fallen tree in the woods about a block from his home. >> we have been praying a lot for him and we are so happy that he survived because to be honest, we thought this was the end of it. >> reporter: that's amelda clark, she runs the elder care home where larry sade has been living the last two years. he went missing last monday morning about 1 a.m. he said he was going for a walk. in the dark hours of the morning, he went down the road, he went walking not on the pavement, inside the guardrail, he somehow slipped down the embankment and got womened beneath that fallen tree. around noon today, a passerby saw sade in the woods, flagged down a county official who called the fire department to make the rescue.
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>> he needs medical treatment. he is not going to die from this incident. >> reporter: what caused him to take that 1 a.m. walk into the woods? there may be some medical issues in play here. more about that coming up at 6:00. wendy back to you. >> pat collins. and developing right now the district could be back in the running to host the 2024 olympics because of something surprising out of boston. the u.s. olympic committee announcing this afternoon that it was pulling boston's bid after the city's mayor questioned the funding for the project. boston's bid soured after it was selected in jap because of active opposition and low public support and the mayor wanted a commitment that taxpayer money would not be used. that's something that lawmakers became a huge challenge. >> no indication our federal government was going to step up to the plate beyond just the security costs and to undertake
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this was going to require an enormous investment in public transportation and various forms of development. >> the olympic committee hasn't said what it will be doing if it is going to hand the bid to another city but it has seven weeks to decide if the district los angeles or san francisco will be representing the united states as a possible host for 2024. right now there is a search under way for vandals who spray painted the confederate statue outside a courthouse in rockville. the words "black lives matter" was spraypainted on this statue overnight. we will hear from the county executive who calls this vandalism a des specable act of violence. a man thrown from his motorcycle in a weekend crash has died. 24-year-old rash sean briggs jr. was riding the motorcycle. he was on old branch avenue in clinton last night when a car trying to get to allentown way
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made a left turn in front of him. brics was thrown from his bike. he die ted hospital. a loudoun county man is going to be sentenced in november for trying to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. dallas brumback pleaded guilty to seven charges today and that includes attempted murder. ing the former leader of the ku klux klan. brumback eventually offered the undercover agent $5,000 to kill his ex-wife. coming up on news4 at 6:00, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey explains why brumback wanted his ex-wife dead. police are looking for the body of a swimmer who disappeared friday night. doug brown his brother, daniel and nephew jason, were swimming on cove point when the tide changed. jason was able to swim back but doug and daniel did not make it back. daniel's body was found but doug is still missing. doug was the co-owner of the costa brave virginia restaurant in the bloomingdale area of d.c.
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this mess should be close to being cleaned up in alexandria. right now an eight-inch main broke on king street this morning. it shut down several lanes for much of the midday. however, crews expect to have it repaired by the evening rush as long as the fix was routine. no customers lost water because of the break. virginia america water says the main likely broke due to its age. man was found shot at a stafford county home is going to be going to jail once he recovers. sheriff deputies found timothy phelps had shotgun wounds when he was at men near court last night. investigators say he pulled that gun after accusing a woman of stealing things from his bedroom. another man tried wrest the gun away and phelps was shot a friend of phelps also faces charges for firing the shotgun at a car carrying that woman. investigators say a fire that broke out inside a prince george's county home appears to be a case of arson. you can see the intense flames
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coming from the second floor last night. this is along walters place in district heights. we are told the home is vacant and listed as bank owned. people who live in the area told investigators they have seen people going in and out. the silver line is arguably the biggest thing to happen to metro since the system opened. one year ago the new service began moving passengers through tysons and metro promised less traffic, a faster commute and a business boom for northern virginia. news4's adam tuss is live now in tysonson tyson tyson's corner with what came true. >> reporter: i don't think it's untrue that the silver line changed the face of the area but there have been plenty of growing pains. ♪ happy birthday dear silver ♪ >> reporter: singing "happy birthday" to the silver line,
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yes that actually happened, then cake, the prediction, the silver line will spur economic development, especially close to the stations here in tyson's, it's easy to see that has happened. prediction, people will ditch the car and hop on the train. isaac just did that, opting to ride the train here as opposed to drive. >> it was actually fast half an hour from d.c. no the bad at all. >> reporter: prediction, the tyson shopping centers will benefit from the influx of new passengers. the fairfax chamber of commerce says anecdotally, stores are seeing double-digit growth in sales compared to last year and virginia congressman connolly says the silver line will continue to attract people. >> plans have been approved to double the number of people who live in tyson's within the next few years. so, that's actually going to be a good thing because those people are going to use metro. >> reporter: metro points out a positive, saying that the tyson's corner station is one of the few in the whole system where ridership is actually higher on a saturday than on a weekday. now, remember when the silver
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line opened -- >> all right, adam thank you. years behind schedule, plagued with safety concerns. now there's some movement at the new transit center just as our cameras spot another potential problem. i'm julie carey in loudoun county, where the sheriff's department wants to find a man turning up on these neighborhood jogging paths buck naked. i will tell you where he has been spotted just ahead. new at 5:00, a game changer for your kid's education. why one big local school is
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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the loudoun county sheriff's office is trying to track down a man who keeps popping up naked on neighborhood jogging paths. >> investigators count at least eight times so far. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey shows us where the man has been spotted and has a warning for you walkers, joggers and cyclists out there. >> reporter: word is spreading among walkers and joggers in ashburn to be on alert. this path along golden meadow circle and ashburn farm is one location where female joggers spotteded a naked man in recent weeks. this map shows the surprise
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encounters run from the bell month ridge area into the heart of ashburn there have been a half dozen reports since july 12th and two women recall seeing the man a few months ago but they didn't report it then. this woman was walking her dog today near ashburn road and louisa drive where the man was seen very early sunday. shea has been out of town and got the news when we told her. >> a little disturbing. >> reporter: one of the incidents, the man suddenly emerged from a bush but in some of the other cases he is actually jogging along the path himself. investigators say he hasn't spoken to anyone nor has he tried to touch anyone. it's been early morning or late at night when the man's been seen. >> it's very alarming actually because i take my dog for a walk every day and, you know i don't want to run into something like that. >> reporter: this man who is involved with the belmont community association and hoa says he is surprised he hasn't heard more about the sightings. >> look into it. we have security services in belmont here, so we can alert them and do a little bit of a roving patrol from time to time. so we will see if we can keep
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everybody alert to that. >> reporter: the loudoun county sheriff's department did a search and went doer to door in the neighborhood in the two incidents yesterday to try to learn more. they have stepped up patrols. they urge all joggers and walkers to exercise with a partner, avoid using the paths when it's dark and carry a cell phone. in ashburn julie carey, news4. you may have seen some action at that big troubled transit center out in silver spring. might see buses moving in and out. they are not picking up passengers just yet, drivers are practicing their enhances and exits and learned today the practice session has revealed another problem, those really long articulated in buses, they can barely get through because the ceilings are too low. the transit center is expected to open later this year after years and years of delays. the navy is now helping in the search for two 14-year-old boys who vanished at sea during a fishing trip.
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the coast guard says it has gone through an area about the size of indiana. they found the boat capsized 70 miles off the coast yesterday, but at this point, there is no sign of the boys, right now the search is focused in an area near jacksonville. >> we believe the boys are still out there. we want to keep the concentration and the focus only focus in on bringing those boys back home. >> the boys' families are asking boaters to look for an engine cover and large cool they're had been on the boat. when the boys left on friday, neither of those items was found with the boat. secretary of state john kerry says he hopes a newly released report will enlighten and empower and not scold. the state department has released its annual human trafficking report. this year's rankings upgraded cuba and malaysia from the worst level, which is known as tier three. kerry says human trafficking worldwide is a $150 billion industry. quite remarkable that in the
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year 2015, we face a modern version of slavery. >> now that the report is out, president obama will have 90 days to decide whether there will be sanctions against any of the so-called tier three countries. among the 23 countries on that list, iran, north korea, russia and thailand. gaining more partners in the fight against terror is the primary purpose for president obama's trip to africa but today, he is sounding off on the race for his job in 2016. here's a report from nbc. >> reporter: president obama is here in at disabba ba taking on very serious issues from counterterrorism proposed by the threat from al shaba to the deteriorating situation in south sudan but garnering the headlines back home, his comments on 2016 wading more
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deeply into that campaign than we heard before. what precipitated it was a question about the tweet made by republican mike huckabee where he suggested the president will take the israelis and march them to the doctor of the oven. obviously, a reference to the holocaust, talking about the iran nuclear deal. the president pushed back hard. here is what he said. >> the particular comments about mr. huckabee are i think part of just a general pattern that we have seen that is -- would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> reporter: the president didn't stop there criticizing donald trump by name. not by name but alluding to ted cruz and tomorrow contin, two more high-profile republicans and essentially wagged his finger at the rest of the republican party and told them this is not how
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foreign policy is done there is always sort of a line that was drawn. it didn't get personal. these are matters of war and peace and said that this campaign needs to be about seriousness, decorum and honesty and said when he turns over the keys to the white house in about 18 months, he wants to hand it over to someone who has that sense of seriousness. traveling with the president in at disabba ba in ethiopia, i'm chris jansing for nbc news. all those hours spent preparing for the s.a.t. or act may be turning into a thing of the past. jrnl washington university says most of its students no longer need to take those tests to go to that school. the school says the exams will be an option, not a requirement, beginning with next year's incoming freshmen. it comes as more and more education leaders question that standardized testing actually hurts some students' potential. meantime, the school says high school course work and grades will be the most important factors in their review process. a powerful representation of
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a story that keeps developing. the cosby cover that everyone will be talking about, even though the comedian himself isn't on it. thunder, lightning, a lot of heavy rain. it is really lighting things up in the storm center. veronica's coming right back to tell us who is going to see the worst of it and just how
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severe storms earlier, we are starting to see things quiet down a bit but still busy with some rain on the radar. take you back to about 3:00 this afternoon, where, oh one of our weather watchers, not only that, one of our partners, dave from wtop shot this around 3:00. thunderstorm developments, that is amazing. see a little bit of the flaking line there you can see the inflow, see the core of the storm and did get gusty right around arlington. man, that is amazing to see. a lot of rain in a very short period of time. let me show you what's left now storm team4 radar storms making their way down to the northern neck. also sliding to the east and southeast. quieted down in d.c. thunderstorm wind gunses 60 miles per hour in arlington. took down a little bit of trees and rain leading to flooding there road closure. middleburgh several trees down in the area. what's left, showers making
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their way through st. mary's county now, down through areas of the northern neck and up here, i'm watching this thunderstorm, it crosses right over 301 headed toward areas like she will boyne the bay as well as south down shores in the next couple of minutes, get a little bit of heavy rain. there could be more strong storms, right in here, keep my eye on this area, locus dale luray area down i-64 for the afternoon hours that's were some more storm does fire. temperatures drop from 90 to 75 degrees, back up to 81 degrees right now. 82 in annapolis. so yes, we did get chance to cool down a little from the storms. boy, temperatures going to be going way up this week, especially the midpart of the week. just sticky by 11:00, 78 your temperature, anymore showers or storms to the southwest, i think that can be up until 8 or 9:00 maybe an isolated storm chance tomorrow but higher heat. so your weather will be a low-to-moderate impact on our area if you're going to be going out. look at these temperatures, wednesday, thursday, this is the
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feel-like factor, 102 on wednesday, 106 on thursday. folks that's high sky continuing with a 890-degree trend for the weekend. it is a heat wave for us andville all week long. for tomorrow morning, commuters forecast between 6 and 8 a.m. fog around the area, we will be plenty warm temperatures going to be warming very rapidly, 84 and sticky for tomorrow. here is a look at the specks of cloud cover that could blow up. 92 tuesday 90 the high, temperatures forecasting for wednesday, 96 on thursday. again, these are the days where the heat index values will be way up there around 100 to maybe 105. and while we have got less humidity around for friday as well as the weekend, we continue with temperatures in the 90s. certainly looking like the longest stretch of 90s that we have had for the entire summer.
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coming up in just a few minutes, meteorologist chuck bell will have more on the oppressive conditions coming up midweek and storm chances for thursday. guys? thanks, vj. right now at 5:00, a grieving father breaks his silence. >> a story everyone is talking about. now singer bobby brown is speaking publicly for the first time since his 22-year-old garb passed -- daughter passed away. a community has been waiting for it for years a new ss a syears a new neighborhood police station. now, news they didn't want to hear about its future. someone spray painted the words "black lives meter" on the front of this confederate memorial. i will tell you why this statue has been the to he can cuss of recik
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police may have video of the vandals who spray painted the confederate statue overnight in montgomery county. >> the incident is triggering strong reaction from the county executive and from local workers. news4's chris gordon has the story from rockville. >> reporter: someone spray painted the slogan "black lives matter" on the statue by the courthouse. >> we reach out to the montgomery county sheriff's department, their goal is located across the street, maybe they have some cameras from
5:31 pm
their buildings covering this particular area. >> reporter: the sheriff tells me they have reviewed their surveillance cameras and turned over video of two shadowy figures walking toward the statue and away from it just after midnight. montgomery county executive ike leggett, who has been planning to remove the confederate memorial from its current location wants who as far responsible for this vandalism caught. >> overall, i think this as people act of violence, terrorism, i think depicted of a statue that i think should not have occurred and it is unfortunate and i hope that the police actually find those involved in this incident. >> reporter: some people who live and work in rockville tell us the confederate memorial is a part of history that cannot be erase. >> what they believe back 100 years ago but by no means does this give people the right to come out and do something like this. >> reporter: others here support the message, but do not support spray painting the statue.
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>> i can't condone vandalism, but i support the meaning behind it >> meaning you want -- >> meaning i would support it being removed, i support the message that black lives do matter. >> that was chris gordon reporting. virginians are split over whether the confederate flag should be removed from state license plates. a quinnipiac university poll released today says 46% of voters support eliminating the flag from license plates. 45% want the flag to remain an option. the results broke along both party lines and racial lines. nearly three out of every four black voters and democrats wants to see the flag removed. in south carolina, the woman accused of taking down the battle flack from the state house grounds made her first court appearance. brie newsom scaled a flag pole last month and lowered the flag with the help of james tyson. according to newsom's twitter postings, their trial will start
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in november. both are charged with defacing state property. they both face three years in prison. investigators in west virginia are in harpers ferry taking a closer look at the fire that seriously damaged four historic buildings. some of the roads around the damaged buildings still closed off. that fire broke out thursday morning and destroyed several business and apartment units. a gofundme page has been started to help the victims and raised about $8,000 so far. no word on how the fire started. a young girl may not survive her injuries after two jet skis rammed into each other in virginia beach. this happened sunday evening. the child under 13 was on a jet ski with an adult. they slowed down trying to avoid the second jet ski but couldn't stop in time. funerals today for jillian johnson and mayci breaux the two killed in last weak's movie theater shooting in louisiana. friends remembering johnson as a talented artist and singer. breaux, a radiology student, who
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had been planning her wedding. both women were watching movie "trainwreck" at theater in lafayette, louisiana, when police say man named john houser opened fire. investigators say houser had been committed in 2008 but legally purchased the gun he used just last year. jurors in colorado -- the colorado movie theater shooting trial have been questioned about whether this louisiana case might influence their decision. a jury convicted james whoms in colorado for the 2012 theater shooting that left 12 people dead and wounded seven. they are now in the penalty phase, which could include a life sentence or even death. the defense in this case is concerned some jurors may want to punish holmes for possibly inspiring a copycat shooting. bobby brown says he is completely numb, saying his family has to find a way to honor the memory of his daughter, bobbi kristina. the medical examiner says an autopsy is now under way to try
5:35 pm
to figure out how she died. she passed away yesterday, six months after she was found face down in a bathtub at her home in atlanta. bobbi kristina is the only child of bobby brown and the late whitney houston. she was just 22. new york magazine believes hackers are to blame. its website was offline for ten hours earlier today after publishing that cover story about bill cosby's accusers. 35 women describe in detail when they first met the comedian and how he allegedly drugged and raped him. they also posed for this dramatic cover photo. cosby denies the allegation and he has not been charged with any crime. it is not yet known how the charles severance trial could be affected by the latest appointment to virginia's supreme court. governor jerry mcauliffe naming fairfax judge jane roush to the commonwealth's highest court. she is assigned to the severance triple murder trial. she also provided over the
5:36 pm
sniper trial of lee boyd malvo. her term begins on august 1st but the jeep assembly has to ratify it when it returns to session. a busy evening for storm team4. right now, heavy rain, thunder, lightning, all moving across the area. a flash flood warning is also in effect for some parts of the area. we are tracking it all for you. she said she could have been killed. now, we are hearing about how she turned the tables on her attacker
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soon you won't have to go to apple to buy your apple watch. the tech giant has reached a deal to sell the smart watches at best buy. the watches will start showing up on the store's shelves and websites on august 7th. 16 models will be available but that $10,000 gold one not be among them. by the holiday season, those watches are expected to be in about 300 best buys nationwide. three people who made a huge impact .'s shaw neighborhood are being honored in a new public art project. symphony and d.c. major was just unveiled on p street today at the city market at o. it honors musician duke ellington, union soldier colonel shaw and alan thomas in a flowing installation that has been incorporated into the
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facade of the building. tirades in baseball are always good fun. and this may be a new classic. take a look. a catcher in a minor league game in florida started shedding his catching gear after he was ejected last night. the team managers had enough, he presended to eject all three umpires from the game. he walked to the mound took off his shirt and used the chalk bag as a deodorant. that may take a while. any bay, both men got standing ovations. you get the idea. interested in winning a car just with a few clicks on your phone? income four is giving away a minicooper. you will find the details on the nbc washington app if you don't already have it, we have got an easy fix for that. down load the app from the apple store or google play. for years of work and millions of dollars, why the county is now deciding not to
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staff its brand new police station. i'm tracee wilkins, we will have that story coming up. and we are going to -- plus one for the record books. we will tell you which automaker just got hit with a huge fine and why some sa on safety. i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. storm team4 radar starting to settle down now, that is excellent news. a couple of showers to be dealt with here parts of anne arundel county county, east of bowie, route 50 there. another location hard hit by heavy rains last night up in the shenandoah valley west of new market virginia, more thunderstorms out there in the shenandoah valley. detail all this and talk about how long and hot this next stretch of weather is going
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
this is a story you will only going to see on news4
5:44 pm
construction will soon be completed at a new police station in the southern part of prince george's county but there's a problem. >> there's no money to staff or support it. prince george's county bureau chief, tracee wilkins joins us live to explain why this new building is going to sit empty. >> reporter: the county executive is saying that it has everything to do with the budget and there are some council members who are confused saying we have been giving money for years for this building not only to be built but also manned. they want to know what's going on if residents who were so close to getting their own police station, there is a lot of frustration. there's already a commander assigned to district seven in fort washington shall the new police station built to police southern prince george's county county. it costs the county $14 million to build and more than a decade of pushing from residents to become reality. now, just a month from completion. >> he can't do it right now o. >> the director of public safety for the county says there's no money to pay for the 50 officers and seven civilians needed to run the station.
5:45 pm
>> it's going to be complete september and we were probably trying to start moving in. >> a year later? >> a year later. >> reporter: that's right. the county is now planning to let the multimillion dollar building sit empty for a year, now scheduled to open in september 2016. >> but this is a decision that we had to make with our county executive and it hurts, it is pain. >> this goes back to making good decisions with the tack payer dollars. >> reporter: county council chair mel franklin says he does no the buy the county executive's argument that the council call caused the delay when it didn't pass his proposed budget filled with cost-saving if you are loegs and layoffs. >> saying that leads to not being able to staff a station doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: chair is upset the council was not briefed on the county executive's decision to not staff the new station. it never leads to good outcomes when you don't communicate and talk to all of the stakeholders involved before you make a decision. >> let me assure the citizens
5:46 pm
why they want a knew new police station, we will continue to fight crime in that area. >> reporter: we all know what can happen with new buildings when they are allowed to sit for any period of time. there are a lot of serious concerns about what's going to happen with this place station. coming up on news4 at 6:00, people that live in this community who have been fighting for this district police station literally for more than a decade. their reaction to the idea of it being held off one more year. live in fort washington, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. a special committee of independent attorneys will now be reviewing evidence in the sandra bland death investigation. bland is the woman who police say hanged herself in a texas jail three days after a traffic stop got out of hand. the prosecutor's office today also released an initial toxicology report. it confirms that bland did have marijuana in her system when they found her dead. >> the case will be reviewed by
5:47 pm
many staff of inquisitive legal minds that have no agenda, other than reviewing the evidence and seeking justice in whatever form that may eventually take. >> bland's family does not believe that bland took her own life. parts of florida have a lot to clean up today after this. take a look at all the flooding. this is north of tampa. heavy rain throughout the weekend caused the floods. in some cases, emergency crews bent door to door to evacuate. we have had our own flooding to deal with this afternoon. >> what else is still out there? >> luckily the sun is back and real intense thunderstorms that we were facing literally an hour, hour and a half ago, are now all but gone across the area. there is welcomed news there. now our focus really starts to turn over from the storms to the steam of the heat that is going to be coming. check out this picture. this is what we are all going to look and feel like by the time we get to the weekend. old dog in front of a fan with a bowl of water trick.
5:48 pm
it is going to be a long stretch of hot weather around here. it is monday. the only thing anybody cares about on a mon state weekend. here is the way we see the weekend, 94 on saturday. 95 on sunday. and though the humidity may be down just a little bit by the weekend, with temperatures in the mid-90s it is going to feel like the dog days of august, as august rolls into town this weekend. storm team4 radar really settled down now across the immediate metro area a couple of showers here, not a thunderstorm, just rain now. anne arundel county county showers and thunderstorms south of the northern neck across parts of southern virginia. and there are thunderstorms here west of luray west of i-81. this is an area hard hit yesterday, late last night, with heavy rains. my additional rain could cause flash flooding there. things have settled down in and around the metro area, good news for everybody trying to commute home from work. temperatures really depends on where you are. some places that you didn't get the rain, quite warm
5:49 pm
hagerstown, 86 manassas, 77, fredericksburg, 87, these temperatures are going back up, the sun is back outside, not down until 8:24 this evening but turned into a beautiful day to be outside. it is really steamy but the sunshine's back in prince george's county, sunshine now out toward reston town center as well, sunshine from our tour cameras here in northwest washington. the storms are starting to set, the high heat index values, they are coming back as we get into tomorrow and especially wednesday and thursday. those are going to be weather alert days for us here at nbc4. need to go ahead and take your hot weather precautions around here. the weather impact on your day tomorrow, low to moderate, higher heat lower rain chances for too many. tomorrow's rain chance only 30% that's more back to that hit and miss style of showers and storms we are used to in the summertime. future weather here the next couple of hours, still could not rule out the bubbling up of an additional thundershower or thunder shower the coming hours a lot of instability left in the
5:50 pm
atmosphere. after you get past 9, 10:00 tonight, things will settle down permanently for the remainder of the overnight hours tonight. i am going to remain a little bit concerned here out toward luray, new market virginia, showers there as late as 11:00 tonight. that, of course will not be good news. what does tomorrow look like? a sticky and steamy day for sure, 76 in the morning on your way out the door, 87, lunchtime low 90s tomorrow, again, only a small chance of showers, go from uncomfortable tomorrow up to about the oppressive levels for both wednesday and for thursday. seven-day forecast again, weather alert days for dangerously high heat index values, heat indices, 100 to 105 wednesday and thursday but the heat's thick, the humidity leaves us alone a little bit for the bond, the heat will stay, could be our longest stretch of 90-degree days in five years. >> thanks, chuck. apple and google are joining more than a dozen american companies pledging to invest billions of dollars in efforts to fight climate change. the white house announced the
5:51 pm
new initiative today in the run-up to the major united nations climate change summit in paris in december. apple, google, bank of america, general motors and other major companies will spend more than $140 billion to cut carbon emission and produce more renewable energy. we have some new information just into our newsroom a second body has been found in the chesapeake bay this afternoon. authorities believe the body is that of doug brown. doug and his brother daniel, vanished on friday while swimming in the chesapeake bay in calvert county where they got caught in some currents that pulled them out to sea. daniel's son was with them at the time and able to swim back to shore. a boater spotted this body this afternoon. the medical examiner will have to confirm the identity. doug brown was the co-owner of the costa brave virginia restaurant in
5:52 pm
northwest d.c. the federal government slams chrysler with a record fine for a botched recall. 1 million jeep own letters be allowed to sell their cars back because of potential dangers on the location of their gas tanks. the penalty is because the company put millions of drivers at risk. this evening, you can catch a movie on the national mall and it's a good one. happening tonight, it is "the poseidon adventure" from 1972. you will be sitting in a new spot this year the setup has moved just a few blocks. it is now between 4th and 7th streets on the national mall. the show starts around sunset, around 8:30 tonight and for a list of things you can and cannot bring, go to the nbc washington app and search screen on the green. and if you were thinking of heading to the state fair in
5:53 pm
virginia, you may want to plan ahead. organizers say you can save close to 40% by buying tickets ahead of time online. tickets go on sale august 3rd. the fair starts september 25th and runs through the 4th of october at the fairgrounds north are of richmond. you can find out how to get your tickets by going to the nbc washington app and searching state fairs. she turned the tables on her attacker. now, we are hearing the frightening 911 calls the moments after a terrifying confrontation and why police think the whole thing may have brought dozens of other cases to an end. and then all new at 6:00 tonight, you know, some towing companies are staying busy ahead of a new law designed to curb their predatory practices. the i-team has gone undercover to show what you is being done in some of
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
we are getting a new look at a massive warehouse fire in new jersey. this is drone video. to burned out warehouse in north brunswick. it shows the magnitude of the blaze which began last wednesday and burned for days. around 200 neighbors were finally allowed to go back home yesterday. they were forced out because of the cloud of smoke that the fire created. we are hearing 911 calls from a deadly encounter in west virginia. police there say a man died at the hands of a woman he was
5:57 pm
trying to kill and now, investigators are looking into the possibility he could be connected to other crimes. >> reporter: it was a shocking 911 call. a woman turned the tables on her attacker. >> reporter: she arranged to meet a man for a free. he didn't show up with money instead he had axes, a gun, handcuffs, trash bags and bleach in his car. investigators say falls attacked the woman who grabbed his gun and shot him. the woman's distraught neighbor called police after the shooting.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: similarities between this case and unsolved death or disappearance cases in las vegas and southern ohio prompted charleston police to share information with investigators in those communities. neil falls is originally from oregon but lived in nevada from 2000 to 2008. four women all prostitutes disappeared during that time. the dismembered bodies of three turned up along highways. four women have died suspiciously in ohio and two others are still missing there. local, state and federal investigators have formed a task force to look into the ohio cases. now, the ohio locations just about two hours from charleston, west virginia. an investigative team is going to charleston but at this point they say there is no direct link between neil falls and those other unsolved cases. now at 6:00, disturbing new
5:59 pm
details in a stabbing at a church retreat. what we are learning about the calculated attack and the heroic actions of a missionary who desperately tried to save her husband. the war of words in the race for the white house reaches a new level. this evening president obama fires back as the political rhetoric takes a nasty turn on the campaign trail. and an incredible survival story. a vietnam veteran pinned under a tree. he may have been there for days. what he did to stay alive. but we begin with the weather. strong storms rolled through the area just a few hours ago. we saw everything from lightning to flooded streets and now we are seeing some sunshine. this is a look at the radar right now. those storms didn't offer any relief from the high heat and the stickiness. veronica johnson is keeping a close watch on everything from the storm center, she joins wuss a look at what's next. >> yeah, what's next is we still could see a few storms fire in parts of our area. the earlier storms through the
6:00 pm
district, prince george's county, anne arundel, things have quieted down a bit across the area certainly around d.c. this is the one area around areas of 81 and down i-95 toward areas of the northern neck where storms could still fire this evening. rockingham county around areas like orange, greene county could see a few more storms, quiet throughout the district now through fairfax, earlier, roads closed in arlington area high water and how much the rain was falling, a rate of one to two inches per hour and wind gusts up to 58 miles, trees around cherry dale, around middleburgh area in loudoun county. our temperatures cooled to 75 15 degrees in just an hour. now back up to 84. 80s across the area. going out this evening low 80s, upper 70s, still could be an isolated storm chance to our


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